It is that time of the year again! Time when children trade in their swimsuits and popsicles for matching outfits and pencil sets. Summer is officially coming to a close and students are heading back to school and to daycare facilities in flocks. As parents rejoice, and run to the stores to buy all of the necessary school supplies, teachers and daycare personnel are getting ready for a new class of students! Daycare and early childhood education in Brooklyn are important to normal development of young children! Ms. Taylor’s House Preschool offers two different locations to ensure that children all over Brooklyn get the early childhood education they deserve.

Many children are too young to attend traditional schooling even though the demand for early childhood education increases. Finding the right child care center can help your child learn and grow. Aside from the social skills that a child will learn, these programs will also ensure that your child has learned the skills that they will need to transition into regular classes. When you begin to prepare your child for schooling through early childhood education and daycare, it is more likely that your child will be able to handle the rigors of full time schooling.

Ms. Taylor’s House Preschool would like to welcome back previous students as well as welcome new students with open arms! Each child will be carefully taught the main concepts of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Don’t worry, your child will also learn how to interact socially while they develop their individual talents and personalities. Parents, you have brought your children to the right place. Our staff provides a safe and caring learning environment in which your children will thrive. We are here to make a difference and cannot wait to meet all of our new friends!