Ms. Taylor’s House offer our students a classroom setting for our younger students to excel beyond expectations. In our school we set the bar high to ensure our students are the best at what they do. Education is key at Ms. Taylor’s House as one of our many principals is that we put education 1st as we know the mind comes 1st and everything else follows.  We follow the creative curriculum to allow students the independence every individual needs to strive at  goals being themselves.  We allow the children in our care to be creative, collaborate with others, and utilize critical thinking to provide the best early childhood education. A solid educational foundation will be something that your children will carry with them for the rest of their lives. We have put careful consideration into every aspect of our centers, from the design to the games so that we can properly facilitate science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) concepts. We know that your children are built to discover, and there is no better way to do that than with hands-on activities which allow them to handle clocks so they can understand time, or plant seeds so they can understand the growth process.

With our unique child care services and programs, children are nurtured and guided as they explore new concepts and develop their own divergent cognitive skills. In this way, we separate the tradition academic learning model from our head start preschool programs. The traditional model focuses on memorizing, practicing, counting and reciting. Instead, our improved intellectual learning model opens the doors for your child to begin reasoning, predicting, hypothesizing and problem-solving, the core foundations of the rest of their educational careers.

Research shows that quality education in preschool cuts the rate of children needing to repeat a grade almost in half while increasing high school attendance by a third and college attendance by 80%—proof that when your child learns to love learning early in life, they never really stop.

Learn more about our programs and our pricing today, and see why Ms. Taylor’s House Preschool is one of the most loved childcare centers in Brooklyn.