1. Instilling Healthy Eating Habits

    It can be difficult to convince your children to eat healthy foods, particularly picky eaters. However, it is worth the effort, because teaching children to make healthy choices early on will help them make healthy choices for the rest of their lives. Here are some ways you can promote healthy eating habits: Schedule meals This will prevent any hunger-induced temper tantrums, and teach your childr…Read More

  2. Nurturing Your Preschooler’s Self-Esteem

    By raising your child to develop good self-esteem, you are enabling them to become adults who are resilient, emotionally healthy, and self-sufficient. However, this is not as simple as telling your child that they have worth; you must provide consistent support towards this goal. Here are some ways you can do that: Provide unconditional love Make sure your child knows that you love them, regardles…Read More

  3. Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

    Young children need a lot to build a solid foundation for the rest of their lives. To begin, children need to be put in a healthy, nurturing environment to learn. Learning expands minds, and gives children a healthy base in which to build upon. Exercise is another area in which children need sufficient time. Exercise has so many positive effects on a young child, from keeping their bodies healthy,…Read More

  4. Does Your Child Need To Stay Home

    Cold and flu season is almost upon us. This means that children may come home feeling less like themselves than when they left. Sick children often do not know that they feel bad until they are already contagious. Attending school and child care in these conditions can lead to a massive cold or flu outbreak among children. As parents there is nothing worse than seeing your own child fighting somet…Read More

  5. Education At Its Finest

    Ms. Taylor’s House Pre-School is changing the way in which residents of Brooklyn are viewing early childhood education. Not only do we have over 25 years of experience, we have recently implemented STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) techniques to help children broaden their horizons. The kids begin to learn different approaches to education that otherwise may be out of their reach…Read More

  6. Welcome Back Students!

    It is that time of the year again! Time when children trade in their swimsuits and popsicles for matching outfits and pencil sets. Summer is officially coming to a close and students are heading back to school and to daycare facilities in flocks. As parents rejoice, and run to the stores to buy all of the necessary school supplies, teachers and daycare personnel are getting ready for a new class …Read More

  7. Why Preschool is Important

    The right early childhood education in Brooklyn is an incredibly important aspect of child development. Unfortunately, many parents forego preschool because it can be very difficult to find a professional preschool that offers quality early childhood education without breaking the bank. Many of the preschool programs that families are finding in the NYC area are inconsistent and offer no real bene…Read More

  8. Child Care Services for Busy Parents

    As a working parent, are you finding it hard to care for your young child during the day? Do you struggle with putting your child into any child care services because you do not know anything about the people in charge? Do you dread the summer because your children will no longer be in school yet you still have to be at work? Well, Ms. Taylor’s House Preschool can help ease your mind! We offer c…Read More

  9. Teacher Assistant

    The Teacher Assistant will aid the Teacher in all facets of his/her responsibilities.  T/A must be at least 18 years of age, speak fluent English and be able to relate professionally and respectfully to children, other staff and parents. Responsibilities include but are not limited to: Assistance to Teacher, in the implementation of daily curriculum and activities. Assistance in supervision over …Read More

  10. Teacher

    The Teacher must be professional and prepared as an educator in the field of Early Childhood Education. Responsibilities include but are not limited to: Implementing the pre-school's curriculum as required, as well as, the daily activities designed to meet the goal, objectives and philosophy of the center's program. Establishment of a learning environment that will aid the children in social, emot…Read More