It can be difficult to convince your children to eat healthy foods, particularly picky eaters. However, it is worth the effort, because teaching children to make healthy choices early on will help them make healthy choices for the rest of their lives. Here are some ways you can promote healthy eating habits:

Schedule meals

This will prevent any hunger-induced temper tantrums, and teach your children to eat well-portioned, balanced meals regularly.

Keep healthy snacks on hand

It is easy to be tempted to eat fast food when you’re on the go. Keep a cooler in your car with snacks like carrots and celery so you never have to hit the drive-thru.

Provide a good example

Even if you provide your child with only the healthiest foods, they are still learning from your behavior, so put your money where your mouth is and eat healthier as well. At the same time, don’t demonize certain foods because it will only make them more tempting. If your child is eating mostly healthily, there is no need to deprive them of the occasional cupcake.

Teach them how to cook

Your children will take more interest in meals when they get involved. Plus, by teaching them to cook, you are teaching them valuable skills and instilling the habit of making their own food.

Recruit reinforcements

You are not the only person in your child’s life; as they say, it takes a village. Surround yourself with others who care about the health of your child. At Ms. Taylor’s House, we will be your allies, because healthy child care is our number one priority. Our childcare philosophy includes healthy eating habits. If you’re interested in enrolling your child into our healthy child care program in Brooklyn, contact us today.