Ms. Taylor’s House Pre-School is changing the way in which residents of Brooklyn are viewing early childhood education. Not only do we have over 25 years of experience, we have recently implemented STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) techniques to help children broaden their horizons. The kids begin to learn different approaches to education that otherwise may be out of their reach for years. This approach to early childhood education allows children to explore new concepts, discover new avenues of thinking, and improve their cognitive skills.

STEM education techniques are highly researched and children that practice this method of education tend to be better prepared for school. Learning these concepts early gives children the ability to cope with difficult educational concepts later on in life. One way in which STEM helps children develop their cognitive skills is by making learning applicable to the real world. STEM offers problem solving, hands on experience, and group learning that is otherwise not taught in mass education. Children are allowed to evolve their own critical thinking skills with positive reinforcement from the teaching staff. The earlier that STEM techniques are applied to early childhood education, the better off the children in Brooklyn will be. They will even take the skills that they learn early in their education and apply them later in their careers.

Ms. Taylor’s House Pre-School wants to ensure that every child around Brooklyn, NY is given the educational opportunities that they are due. Call us today to learn how our early childhood education program and childcare services can benefit your young one in the long run.