Everything you need to know about child care:

Q. Are you a licensed child care provider?

Yes we are license by the state of New York Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

Q. What happens if my child gets sick?

If a student is experiencing any symptoms that signify an emergency such as loss of consciousness, trouble breathing, or seizures we call 911 immediately. If there is evidence that a child has a communicable disease, that child needs to be separated from other students, the student will be assigned a member of the teaching staff or Director, and will be provided with a comfortable place to rest/read while he/she is waiting to be picked up.

Q. What types of disciplinary action can be taken?

Freedom with Responsibility is a core principal of Ms. Taylor’s House education. Self-discipline and self control of the will are developed at Ms. Taylor’s House Pre-School; therefore a student rarely has discipline issues. Students are free to choose their own work if they are respectful of others and the classroom environment. Usually redirection is all that is necessary. If needed, a student will be asked to sit and observe another student working for a short time before being invited to join when ready. As the teaches support conflict resolution between the students, they learn to communicate with each other and solve their own problems. teachers use firm, but loving, direct communication with students to convey their expectations. Corporal punishment is never used.

Q. Can you provide transport for my child?

To further assist our families we have partner with companies to offer free pick up and drop off services.