As a working parent, are you finding it hard to care for your young child during the day? Do you struggle with putting your child into any child care services because you do not know anything about the people in charge? Do you dread the summer because your children will no longer be in school yet you still have to be at work? Well, Ms. Taylor’s House Preschool can help ease your mind! We offer child care services in Brooklyn at two different locations to make pick-up and drop-off very convenient!

Ms. Taylor’s House Preschool offers much more than child care services to the residents of Brooklyn. We offer early childhood education that is incredibly well rounded. We focus on activities and learning that will help facilitate future education. Children are like sponges and we at Ms. Taylor’s want to help your child grow up in a healthy way. We focus on games and other hands-on activities that help children understand science, engineering, technology, and mathematics (STEM concepts). Our activities will also help them develop other cognitive skills!

Ms. Taylor’s House Preschool also wants to ensure that children in Brooklyn grow up in the healthiest way possible. We begin to teach children the habits of healthy eating that they can carry with them throughout their lives. Cutting down on processed foods, focusing on healthy eating and playtime, children will hopefully continue to practice healthy eating long after they leave Ms. Taylor’s House. We are the first, private, healthy school and child care service in Brooklyn. We truly try to enrich every aspect of a child’s life.

Busy parents, you now have a healthy, educational, and safe option for child care in Brooklyn. Ms. Taylor’s House Preschool has been serving the Brooklyn community for over 20 years. Come on in for a tour, we look forward to meeting your children!